Consulting for Erasmus+ projects 2021-2027

One of our main activities is to create and design EU projects in the framework of the Erasmus + Program 2021-2027.

In addition to the creation of our own projects, we support schools and organizations in designing their own Erasmus + projects, by offering our consulting in every project phase, from the concept to the partner search and selection, to the actual drafting.

In particular, we offer different consulting options based on your needs:

  • Offer 1: 30 minutes consulting on one among the following topics: presentation of the Erasmus + programme, general concept of the project, consulting on the partner search: 90.00€ ;
  • Offer 2: 5 consulting of 30 minutes/each on the following topics: general drafting of the project, writing of specific fields of the project form, consulting on the partbner search, preparing and review of the budget: 380.00€ ;
  • Offer 3: Illimitated consulting on the whole project, full drafting and writing, partner search and inclusion, full preparing and review of the budget, preparation of the documentation needed: 1.150.00€

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