Teacher Training Courses

Europass Academy Berlin is the German partner of Europass Teacher Academy, the main European provider of professional training courses.

Note: Courses are helded in English, but we can organize an ad-hoc session in Italian or German.

Europass Academy Berlin offers teacher training courses, on behalf of Europass Teacher Academy, in the framework of KA1 projects and to individuals. We offer the chance to every teacher to live a training experience abroad and the opportunity to compare themselves and personal ideas with other colleagues from all over Europe.

Teacher training courses in Berlin concern the following topics:

We offer several courses, with a great variety of topics. They are perfect for meeting all needs’ teachers. All courses aim to improve your own skills and the relationship with students. Through various activities designed by the courses (from creative activities to e-learning projects), teachers will have the chance to gain specific skills in the chosen fields.

If you need, we can help you find your accomodation in Berlin.

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