Breaking the Ceiling

The Breaking the Ceiling project aims to provide women with the social skills necessary in work environments, so that they increase their chances of breaking the glass ceiling and moving up the organizational chart of their companies.

The aim is to reduce the huge gap in the number of women in positions of responsibility compared to men, thus bringing a feminine stamp to the way companies are managed and, ultimately, improving the employment situation of women in the EU.

The Specific objectives: 

  • Understand the origin of the glass ceiling and the implications for women and society in general. 
  • To understand the gender roles that construct this reality. 
  • Deconstruct the typically male-dominated and hierarchic corporate culture of organizations and companies.
  • Dismantle the mental structures that adapt women to this scheme. 
  • To break down prejudices regarding the promotion of women to decision-making positions.
  • Understanding the value of soft skills and socio-emotional competencies in this process.
  • Involve all social actors in the fight against the glass ceiling. 

The project will produce the following concrete results: 

  • Definition of the 12 essential soft skills to move up the career ladder by breaking through the glass ceiling of a fixed mindset. 
  • A self-assessment tool to raise awareness about the 12 essential soft skills and potential needs and weak points.
  • A training system for women entrepreneurs and professionals with 24 theoretical modules adapted to the online version to train those 12 skills. 
  • A bank of resources with 36 tools (3 per each skill previously depicted ) as a practical training system to increase the competences in those skills. 
  • A good practices guide with 24 case studies of successful stories.
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